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Network Maintenance (Resolved)

Affecting System - Memory leak on LA2 Peering/Transit Router | Priority - High

Location of Event: CoreSite LA2

Suite(s): LL100B 

Type of Event: Software Upgrade Maintenance

Equipment(s): CR01.LL0223

Risk: Risk to Primary connectivity.

Description: Vivid-Hosting's Network engineering team will be upgrading the software IOS image on our primary router.

We've noticed a memory leak on our primary LA2 peering/transit router a few weeks ago and have engaged Cisco's support group to remedy the issue. We've identified a fix and have implemented it, however, a reload(a reboot) of the supervisors are required. We're expecting a fast switchover to our secondary router.

During this time, redundancy will be in N state.

The fix has already been implemented on our secondary router and has remedied the issue. 

We expect our network to return to the normal N+1 state with nominal latency and throughput by the end of the maintenance window.

If this time slot does NOT work for you, please contact us ASAP.

Update: All systems are nominal. No downtime was observed during the transition. All systems are now back to N+1 redundancy.

Date - 01/07/2016 21:00 - 01/07/2016 21:10

Last Updated - 01/07/2016 21:05

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