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What is this "VTech" system I'm hearing about?

VTech is a software suite written by Kiet Chau for Vivid-Hosting. VTech includes two main technologies, Server Control, and Server Enhancement. Server Control is another suite of software that allows users to remotely control their game server without using RCON and significant memory/CPU resources. Server Enhancement is also another suite of software that enables lower pings through automatic BGP re-routing, enhanced client spray patterns to match local area network game play and allows for servers to acheive 1000 FPS(server side) on a Windows host operating system. The Vivid-Tech software suite is currently patent pending.

The VTech Server administration mod utilizes only RCON commands and uses very little resources(7kb of memory).

The software suite is included in all game servers hosted by Vivid-Hosting.

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