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What are the commands to the VTech admin system?

Say Commands

say .ready - Ready up for the match.

say .notready - Unready for the match.

say .readylist - Shows users that are ready.

say .notreadylist - Shows users that are not ready.

say .admin list - Shows admins.cfg users

say .admin reload - Reloads admins.cfg

say .admin lo3 - Lo3

say .admin match - CEVO, Lo3, Record

say .admin pregame - Pregame!

say .admin dbserver - Steamid Check

say .admin kick tside - Kicks the entire terrorist team

say .admin kick ctside - Kicks the entire counter-terrorist team

say .admin startscrim - Begins match script.

say .admin stopscrim - Ends match script.

say .admin restartround - Restarts the round.

say .admin kick playername - Kicks a player.

say .admin record demoname - Records an demo.

say .admin stoprecording - Stops recording demo.

say .admin changelevel mapname - Performs changelevel command.

say .help - Shows command list.

say .changelog - Shows newest changes/additions.

say .about - Displays tid bits about the application.

RCON Commands

rcon say vh.dbserver - Steamid Check

rcon say vh.lo3 - Live on Three.

rcon say vh.pregame - Pregame!

rcon say vh.record demoname - Records demo

rcon say vh.stoprecord - Stops recording demo.

rcon say vh.reload - Reloads admin list.

rcon say vh.startscrim - Begins match script.

rcon say vh.stopscrim - Ends match script.

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